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About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Lapin, was the nephew of Rabbi Elya Lopian — , and served as a prominent and outspoken Orthodox rabbi in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Lapin emigrated with his family from South Africa to the United States in the s, and became a naturalized United States citizen in His family re-located to Washington State in to develop Toward Tradition, and to host a nationally syndicated weekly radio show. Lapin has two brothers, David and Raphael , who are also Orthodox rabbis and have similar educational backgrounds.

His sister is married to an American rabbi. Lapin's wife and business partner, Susan Lapin, is also an author and lecturer.

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In the late s, Lapin and Michael Medved helped to revitalize [ citation needed ] the Pacific Jewish Center , a synagogue in Venice, California, which viewed itself as functioning as part of the recent Baal teshuva movement. Actors Barbra Streisand [11] and Richard Dreyfuss participated in the religious community and synagogue. Lapin is the founder of the Lifecodex Publishing Company, which is a Web site that handles the sale of his publications and markets his services as a lecturer to businesses, church groups, and other conservative organizations.

The site also has archived podcasts from his show on KSFO, as well as links to numerous television appearances that he has made. In addition to many books that he has written, Lapin has lectured throughout the United States at different synagogues, businesses, and charities. He has also been quoted by many authors, including Dr. Lapin has given lectures and public speeches to hundreds of companies and organizations, and continues to do so at locations throughout the United States.

Thought Tools Volume 2: Fifty Timeless Truths to Uplift and Inspire by Daniel Lapin

James Dobson , [28] and National Public Radio. Lapin has written many books, most of them self-published by LifeCodex publishing, most of which are available only as audio books. Lapin promotes conservative political principles, intermixed with traditional religious observance. Lapin was one of the Jewish voices in support of Mel Gibson 's controversial film The Passion of the Christ , and was a strong supporter of the efforts by Terri Schiavo 's parents to keep their daughter alive. He is also a strong supporter of Pope Pius XII as a righteous gentile , a term he believes should be renamed "righteous Christian".

Dear Rabbi and Susan: 101 Real Life ‘Ask the Rabbi’ Questions

Lapin has called the United States the most "Jewish-friendly" state in history because of its Christian heritage. He argues that it is better for Jews to promote shared Judeo-Christian values with the majority than promote solely Jewish values.

go to site He has also called secular liberalism a danger to Judeo-Christian values, and claimed that the Holocaust Memorial Museum presents anti-Christian propaganda; he says that the museum ignores, for example, the work of Corrie ten Boom 's family in unconditionally saving Jews during World War II. Lapin has declared that the Anti-Defamation League and its allies are "dangerous organizations that are driving a wedge between American Jews and Christians". Referring to ADL national director Abraham Foxman , Lapin claimed that by calling The Passion of the Christ anti-Semitic , "what he is saying is that the only way for Christians to escape the wrath of Foxman is to repudiate their own faith".

Lapin also rejects the idea that the Jewish left represents Judaism. He has excoriated Jewish liberals for their promotion of ideas he views as contrary to traditional Judaism, such as abortion, same-sex marriage, and socialism. He argues that Jewish-born liberals have redefined "Judaism" to mean "liberalism" - and redefined "anti-liberalism" as "anti-Semitism". Lapin has said: "It is time for us to recognize the charge of anti-Semitism for what it often is: a political weapon intended to silence critics of liberalism.

Lapin has spoken against the secularization of Christmas , saying that, "We see obsequious regard for faiths like Judaism and even Islam , while Christianity is treated with contempt". He is opposed to replacing the "Merry Christmas" greeting with "Happy Holidays", saying, "Let us all go out of our way to wish our many wonderful Christian friends a very merry Christmas Nationwide, Christmas Nativity scenes are banned from city halls and shopping malls, but Chanukah menorahs are permitted.

Lapin asks: "Does God want people to be rich?

Much more than documents.

He argues that the Torah supports the free market and opposes punitive taxation, and wants people to pass on assets to their descendants, rather than being taken by the government by inheritance taxes. Lapin has received endorsements from Dave Ramsey, Dr. Kenneth L. Hutcherson , Dr.

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James Dobson, Dr. Pat Robertson , and Zig Ziglar. Lapin has been linked to the scandal of Jack Abramoff through his organization Toward Tradition. E-mails later surfaced that were alleged to have been sent between Lapin and Abramoff. In these e-mails, Abramoff requests that Lapin create fake awards for Talmudic studies to help Abramoff gain admittance to the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.

Lapin later released a formal statement denying having given any awards to Abramoff, and stated that he was joking in the e-mails and believed that Abramoff was as well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.